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In our modern society it can be hard to find the foods that give our bodies the necessary nutrients for good health. Processed foods are the norm with busy lifestyles, but what effects do they actually have on our mental and physical wellbeing?

Written for everyone from those trying to eat well in the modern world, to others where food intolerance have become a way of life, Safe Nourishment helps you to find the foods that aggravate existing or genetic conditions, and aid in the elimination process to regain health.

Safe Nourishment

  • Topics include:
    • A calorie/kilojoule counting chart of over 100 foods for those watching their weight.
    • 97 different food additives listed with the foods they could be found in plus the side effects they have been proven to cause.
    • An extensive guide to the natural food sources of 25 essential minerals and 14 vitamins to help reduce dependence on artificial supplements.
    • Advice on the importance of a balanced diet of acid and alkaline foods, with over 120 acid/alkaline forming food sources.
    • Information for those suffering with food intolerances or allergies to gluten, lactose, yeast, salicylates and environmental allergies, with advice on how to either solve these problems or avoid contact with them altogether.

    • Special recipes for gluten, wheat and/or lactose free breads.
    • Suggestions for children’s lunches to boost their nutrition.
    • The benefits of sprouting fresh seeds and how to do it.
    • 70 fresh juice blends to tempt the taste buds and raise the energy levels.
    • and thoughts on the genetic food debate and the effect this could have on our food for the future.

  • Books and/or inspirational gifts bought in error may be returned in original condition and packaging within 15 days for full refund.

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