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Creating Radiant Self-Love

+ Heartfelt Relations 

Creating Radiant Self-love with Angela-Sharkey McPherson


Re-Creating Self-Love

Passion + Polarity: Intimacy (Into-me-see)

Attracting + Becoming our 'Perfect Partner'

Recovering from breakdown or infidelity

Rebuilding Family Relations

Missed Communication

Greif, Loss + Betrayal

Exhaustion / Overwhelm / Confusion

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I look forward to walking beside you and assisting in your journey towards whole mind, body + emotional healing.

Build heartfelt relations within your intimate relationships, family + co-workers with Angelart.
Creating Radiant Self-Love


Self-Love is NOT a dirty word.


Love, esteem, worth, confidence, character, trust, respect, forgiveness, contentment... are all things we must give, believe and accept in ourselves before we can fully receive them from anybody else.


Self-love is not about conceit; it’s about knowing and healing our wounds, finding our strengths, acknowledging our weaknesses and allowing our core selves to shine so we can fully BE the person a soul mate would be attracted to.


Until we believe we are love-able + worthy of receiving love it can be almost impossible to accept any love offered as real, or give truly love to anyone else. How can we expect someone else to 'come + fill our love-bucket', if it has a hole in it!


The beauty of holistic health helps us to address any physical or hormonal imbalances which may be contributing to these feelings (as they can + do) and hindering full release and happiness. A combination of coaching + personalised herbal medications can address these system weaknesses , allowing you to re-create your picture of total health and well-being.


By exploring and healing the issues of your past, including;

  • grief, loss or betrayal;

  • feelings of overwhelm or irritability;

  • loss of self-esteem / self-worth;

  • burnout or exhaustion;

  • or confusion on how to navigate your direction moving forward;

we can begin to redesign your future… expanding the love you create, accept and feel in your daily life to levels you may have thought were pure imagination.


Create a synergy of body-mind healing for change and healing that not only ‘sticks’ - but grows with you, helping you get off the merry-go-round of reliving past events and dis-ease over and over again, and allowing you to move forward into a happier, more fulfilling life; adding radiance, light, love + laughter to your life. 


Contact me to learn how to let your true love-light shine!



Building Heartfelt Relations

A couple can be successful parents and enjoy creative work, financial abundance, emotional strength and spiritually evolve and yet suffer the frustration of a marriage that is less what it could be.


Too often we were never taught how to have better relationships as our parents never knew how either - they were just surviving - they never had the chance or opportunity to thrive!  Daily stresses, hormonal changes, work pressures and family dynamics can all combine to build pictures of disharmony, missed-communications with passive-aggressiveness, loss of intimacy (into-me-see), acting out, breakdown, and even lead to separation and divorce between people who deep down, still love each other, but got lost somewhere along the way.


Why wait until a tragedy or crisis to follow your inner prompts... to listen and hear the answers to your deepest questions, and be able to see what’s most important to you?


Extraordinary lives are not the result of good luck, great chemistry or convenience. Rather, there are laws, skills and levels of wellbeing (that can be practiced and applied) to determine the level of fulfilment we experience in our lives.


While supporting the body’s natural hormonal and physical changes, together we can gently uncover and resolve any mental or emotional blocks to your inner peace, health and happiness. And just as there are herbs to help regulate imbalances in the glands and hormone production, there are strategies to improve your mental health and wellbeing to help you live a better life of health & wellbeing.


Becoming present to and for each other again will shift your relationships to levels of intimacy, happiness + fulfilment you have only dreamed of. 


Contact me for more information on how to bring your relationships alive.

Angelart Holistic Health… the art of healing body, mind, emotion with Angela Sharkey-McPherson.
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