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Natural Fertility Assistance

Female + Male Conception Difficulties

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I look forward to walking beside you and assisting in your journey towards whole mind, body + emotional healing.

Fertility Assistance


Ruth Sharkey was dubbed ‘Australia’s Babymaker’ by Channel Nine’s ‘A Current Affair’ and Channel Seven’s ‘Today Tonight’ in the 1990’s for her incredible successes helping infertile couples to conceive and birth over 3,000 beautiful, healthy children.  For most of those years I was either by her side or gathering information from overseas to help (this was before the internet!).


Following in their footsteps, I work to assist your body find balance between its hormone production, digestive output, stress management and lifestyle to help you achieve the best possible health to allow a natural conception to occur.


It takes two to make a healthy baby, and as such both male and female health and hormone production needs to be taken into account. Female hormonal issues tend to be more commonly and openly discussed, such as:

  • Menstrual Cycle Irregularities including Dysmenorrhoea or pain,

  • Pre Menstrual Tension / Syndrome (PMT/S),

  • Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS),

  • Endometriosis, and

  • Fibroids - to name a few.


While male issues such as:

  • sperm motility, abnormalities or count,

  • impotency,

  • and other testicular issues, tend to be more of a ‘taboo’ subject, yet can and do cause as many problems with conception as the female imbalances.


In fact, studies by WHO (The World Health Organisation) in 1996 stated that the average sperm count had dropped 50% in the past 50 years, due in part to the huge amount of chemicals found in our environment (British Medical Journal-BMJ 1996;312:457-...458 (24 February).  A little understood fact is 60% of all fertility problems for couples are from male issues.


Stress, lifestyle and other endocrinal imbalances are a HUGE part of conception difficulties, including the distress of seeing others achieve what should be so simple an outcome from a couple’s love.  This often unacknowledged grief and loss from missed conceptions and pregancy is hardly if ever spoken of, and can weigh so heavily on a life and even break relationships when left unresolved.


'Creating Heartfelt Relations' relationship coaching can help a couple gain a greater understanding of each other through and beyond what can be a difficult time. The extra skills you learn not only can cdeepen the love and passion between you, but if and when additional family members do join you, together you can give them even deeper meaning, love + self-worth to carry them through their lifetime.


By addressing both female and male health with herbal medications +/or relationship coaching helps you to both be in the best physical, emotional and mental health you can be - to make this part of your journey so much easier with less stress on + in your heart, mind and body - and increases your chances for a healthy, viable, natural pregnancy to occur.


Contact me for more information + to ask for the 'Getting to Know You' health questionnaire so we can get started on your journey back to health, happiness + fulfilment.

Angelart Holistic Health… the art of healing body, mind, emotion with Angela Sharkey-McPherson.
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