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Inspirational Gifts

Travelling Light Inspirational Gift Cards

All Travelling Light™ Inspirational Gift Cards feature:


  • Handmade A5 (14.5 x 21cm / 5 ¾ x 8 ¼“) greeting card with envelope (*except Mini Gift Card)

  • Each card matches original angelart© fine-art photography from around the world with an inspirational quote from some of the world's greatest hearts and minds. 

  • 24 designs come with matching bookmark also featuring selected quote.

  • Blank inside for your own special message.

  • Each card features the individual story of where and when the image was taken.

  • Printed on art-quality, recycled / textured 210gsm card

  • Individually presented & protected in reusable polypropylene bags.

  • Handmade with love by Angelart


Mini Gift Card

(*same as above except)

  • Handmade gift card (78 x 105mm / 3 x 4") with envelope

  • Features ‘Kornered Kitten’ design + quote.

Travelling Light™ Inspirational Gift Cards, Journals + Calendars


How does inspirational art pair with natural medicine? Art therapy is growing in awareness for its ability to access the unconscious mind and help express and release hidden emotions. Seeing and sharing the everyday beauty around us is a huge part of any healing journey, especially in sharing joy and uplifting the hearts and spirits of others.


Angelart was created in 1999, after years of recovery from some traumatic events. The first in 1994 was when my husband was killed in a motorcycle accident, and I took off around Australia and overseas, camera in hand. At first with a little ‘point + shoot’ to be able to recreate the landscape in pastels, however this only made it 1 month into my journey. My first SLR was bought as I realised so much more could be captured in the lens than I could recreate by hand.  It became my focus (pardon the pun) to capture the beauty of this planet, with a dream of using the images somehow to lighten not only my day in the creative expression + memory-making of the image itself, but someday, somehow, to lighten the days of others too.  


The dream of 'travelling light' flickered while studying for a bachelor of  photography, when a house fire gave me another ‘kick’ to bring it to life... as my cameras + boxes containing over 4000 negatives from those travels were among the few things that survived.


The original 12 cards have grown into 37, + 24 journals and 2 calendars with award-winning design.  With a philosophy of reduce, reuse, recycle, reinvest, reinspire… all Travelling Light™ products are created with recycled art-quality textured card, using either archival quality photo prints or images printed directly on recycled card stock with vegetable based inks.


Travelling Light™ inspirational cards, calendars + journals are the ever expanding results of a desire to inspire and refresh the spirit, creating images that showcase the beauty of our world, and quality products to help maintain it.


Travelling Light™ ~ reduce, reuse, recycle, reinvest, reinspire…

Travelling Light™ /traveling luyt/ n. v. i.

  1. The movement of light through space or across an object - exceptionally well captured through the art of photography.

  2. Environmental term, to ‘travel lightly’ on the earth: “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures”.

  3. To ‘travel light’, to move, journey or live easily with little physical, emotional or mental baggage, ties or restrictions.

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