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Inter-Relational Health Triangle

The Inter-Relationtional Health Triangle


The Inter-Relational Health Triangle helps to show how the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our lives affect each other.


The foods we eat and are attracted to, the feelings and thoughts we experience on a regular basis, the relationship we have with ourselves and others, and the physical issues in our hormonal and other systems - all contribute to the picture of our health and wellbeing.


Natural medicine works to aid the body’s own intrinsic methods of healing, balancing the many systems of the body; including the hormone producing glands or endocrine system, digestive system, nervous system, lymphatics and more.


When these systems are out of balance they can cause dis-ease. By addressing the physical changes alone a big part of the picture is missed, as emotional and mental issues can either ‘show up’ and/or be ‘brought on’ (exasperated) by physical conditions or symptoms and vice versa. Extreme or extended stress also creates havoc in the weaker systems of our body (and we all have weaker and stronger systems, it’s just our particular mix of genetics).


For those seeking assistance with fertility issues my approach is the same, plus we will pay close attention to your daily changes through temperature + emotional chart recordings to see exactly how and where they are influencing each other and any hormonal imbalances are causing issues.

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