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Written as a companion book to Ruth’s best selling self-help book Natural Conception and now the new book Ruth Sharkey’s Guide to Natural Conception, Fertile Fathers is the first book of its kind, dealing solely with the issues and problems associated with male infertility.

Did You Know... Antacids, cholesterol, blood pressure tablets and many more commonly used drugs have an adverse effect on sperm production? 50% of birth defects and infertility can be attributed to the male factor? Diet and lifestyle also affects conception? In her latest book Fertile Fathers Ruth has answered these and many more questions relating to the escalating numbers of infertile couples. (Approx. 1 in 6 in the western world.)

Fertile Fathers

  • Male problems account for half of all cases of infertility, yet there is minimal help available for men. In Fertile Fathers Ruth has brought to light many taboo subjects including impotency, ejaculation failure, medical and the so-called ‘recreational’ drugs and their reaction on the male reproductive system, plus the emotional impact infertility has on the male ego and psyche.


    Also included is information for men on how to cope with female problems and homely advice to help them express their inner feelings on intimacy and fatherhood.

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