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This small little book is a treasure trove of information for the beginner in the therapeutic use of essential oils, healing with colour, and crystal and gemstone healing. 

Ruth starts by explaining the basics of aromatherapy, helping you understand the difference between essential, fragrant, volatile and massage oils, natural essences and incense, before listing therapeutic uses of 44 essential oils with a handy cross reference listing of 33 physical and emotional therapeutic indications.

She then moves on to chromatherapy or colour healing, explaining the effect of colour on our psyche, the preparation and choice of flowers and spices for pot pourri, and information on the Aura Mist range of sprays - a blend of coloured essential oils, bush flowers, herbals and other substances especially formulated to clear negative influences from the aura to aid in the healing process.

Basic Aroma, Colour, Gem & Crystal Healing

  • An introduction to crystal and gemstone healing is also provided, including choosing and cleansing your stones, healing procedures, and a quick-check guide to 37 individual stones and their application.

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