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Hormonal + Fertility Issues

PMT / PCOS / Endometriosis

Thyroid, Pancreas + Adrenal Stresses

Creating Radiant Self-Love

Building Heartfelt Relations

Digestive Conditions

Greif / Loss

Exhaustion / Overwhelm / Confusion

Creative Inspirations

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My Story


I have been incredibly blessed to learn herbal medicine the old fashioned way – by osmosis watching and working with my parents Ruth & Dennis Sharkey - internationally recognised for their successes working with hormonal balancing and fertility assistance for over 30 years.


Since a young child I worked with my parents Ruth and Dennis Sharkey in their herbal, homoeopathic and hypnotherapy clinic as well as their wholesale herbal medicine manufacturing company 'Tallebudgera Herbals'.


Needing to follow my own path and healing journey, I continued to learn and grow through natural health as well as spiritual, artistic, musical and personal development; training with some of the masters of that world. Through formal study of Strategic Intervention, Human Needs Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Theta Healing, Hypnosis, Time Dynamics, & the Law of Attraction (among others) I gained an even deeper understanding & appreciation of the power of the mind, body, heart + soul, and an even greater passion to share inspiration and assist others in their emotional + mental journeys.


Experience reminded me though how difficult it can be to expect changes in the mind to stick without addressing the body imbalances as well, so I have come full circle to include Western Herbal Medicine + Naturopathy in a holistic approach to full body - mind - heart - emotion + soul healing.


My passion is helping others to find the joy happiness in their lives again, moving forward and heal free from the physical and emotional pains of their past, and become happier and more fulfilled in themselves and in their relationships. 

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