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Inspiring... Breathing In ... & Out

(This was first posted on my old site in January 2014... but is still relevant so have included it here as well...)

So much in my heart... to share...

I am just finishing Brene Brown's (increible, amazing, everybody has to read book) 'Daring Greatly - How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent & Lead', learning about Shame & Vulnerability.

I am SO GRATEFUL for my friends & teachers (negative & positive), who have been lighting... or sharing the light with me, on the path I'm walking - especially over the past 12 months, but really over my entire life.

Daring Greatly is about showing up as ourselves, stepping into the arena as our true selves... this is scary (terrifying!) but IS the only way our heart is free & happy in the long run...

Throughout my life I have felt 'like a fraud', as I was raised with wonderful alternative thoughts & phylosophies that were definately NOT the norm in those days, & I had to hide my true self in order to 'fit in'. I never felt 'I belonged'.

Stepping out now feels like I can 'breathe'. Through living my Inspiration (definition= to breathe in), & now I realise it is in sharing my vulnerability with others to help them show theirs I feel I can help to 'inspire' them...

I am grateful, excited & humbled all in one... I can breathe & be me, my story finally has a reason. xxoo

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